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About Nige and Professional Testimonials

I have been a diverse and hands-on professional in the security industry for 25 years, currently based in Los Angeles. My specialties are in Cyber – IT Security Strategy and Roadmaps, Security Architecture. Risk Assessment, Operations, Threat Intelligence, Analytics, and Visualization.

My background is summarized, as follows:

  • International Background – 25 years international experience gained as security expert across England, Australia, France and, the USA
  • Strategic Architect – Cloud-Orientated Architecture, BYOD, Mobile, Security Operations, Risk, Intelligence, Analytics, Metrics, Visualization – Immune System: Protect, Detect, Contain, Eradicate, Recover
  • Director, Security @ Disney – Establish strategic architecture team, develop successful proactive security management program and, consult to Disney CIO and business units.
  • Security Consultant — 14 years thought leadership and strategy experience consulting to Fortune 50 companies. Published  case studies and success stories.
  • Security Engineer – Developed new security protocols and products for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), e.g., MACDF and WWMCCS. Used in Gulf War.
  • Reverse Engineer – Trained in security by reverse engineering and debugging code to discover vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Forensics – Conducted incident response, investigation and, forensics of high-profile Internet-based security incidents.
  • Published Author – Author and co-author of many security guides, books and, feature magazine articles.

As a security professional I have literally worked in-the-trenches as an ethical hacker, a security manager and, as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies as well as ‘.com’ startups. I have been involved in many high-profile Internet security incidents to both contain them and investigate them forensically – as well as partner with organizations to identify and baseline all security vulnerabilities and issues – based on budget, resources, and priority (risk).

Given my diverse background I try to balance security from both a risk-based as well as ‘practical’ perspective. As such I partner with organizations to iteratively evolve towards compliance over time via security improvement roadmaps in bi-annual phases as a Trusted Advisor.

Professional References

  • Randy Dragon, Sr. VP, Technology, Disney On-Line, N. Hollywood, CA

“Nigel exhibits boundless energy and stamina – particularly during a crisis. His approach to every request or project is to look beyond the immediate requirements and anticipate the challenges of future growth, evolving business strategies or organizational constraints. Nigel can be counted upon to bring unexpected and fresh perspectives to intractable problems or apparent technical dead ends.”

  • Gene Kim, CTO, Tripwire, Inc., Portland, OR

“I’ve known Nigel Willson for over four years. I met him when he was Director of Security at Disney during the formative years of Tripwire, Inc. As a long time security practitioner, Nigel helped us define the first versions of the commercial Tripwire product, and helped a young company understand and solve the problems of an enterprise level customer. Four years later, Disney is now one of our largest customers, and due to Nigel’s influence, we now have over 2000 customers like them. I recommend Nigel wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.”

  • Rex Lew, Network Specialist at Virtu Financial, LLC

“Nigel is an extremely talented individual with amazing leadership abilities. He is able to synthesize and communicate highly technical information in a way that rallies support and respect from both non-technical and technical audiences alike. His technical knowledge is broad and deep, and when combined with his ability to communicate and drive change in what might seem like impossible circumstances, he provides inspiration to all he works with to become better technologists.”

  • Mike Marcinkevicz, IT Director, California State University, Fullerton

“Nigel’s talent and experience are a winning combination. The CSU was privileged to be able to work with Nigel in the network security architecture and implementation phases.”

  • Fred Ricles, MBA, Regional Sales Director at Stratus Video

“Nigel was always a great source of not only expertise and knowledge but also enthusiasm and creative input. He was professional and persistent and a true asset to the practice and team.”

  • M.G.P.L. Narayana, Manager R&D, Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad, India

“I was the original hiring manager and a partner of Nigel Willson. His role was to develop a new eSecurity Practice, providing high-end consulting and services to Fortune 500 clients across the North American market. Nigel brought a great deal of international knowledge and experience to TCS. At TCS Nigel created an innovative business development strategy to market security consulting packages branded as products, such as Security Health Check. This product provided managers with a multifaceted view of their company’s security landscape and has been highly recognized in client press releases and case studies.

Nigel also created eSecurity Labs which is a virtual organization that brings together security consulting with research and development specialists to synergize their expertise and experience and focus research through real world case studies.”

  • James Kobielus, Senior Analyst, The Burton Group, Salt Lake City, UT

“I had the pleasure of working with Nigel Willson during the period he was a security consultant with The Burton Group, a firm at which I am a Senior Analyst. I was consistently impressed by the depth and range of his expertise on IT security matters. He is clearly one of the leading industry consultants in his field. He has a solid understanding of enterprise IT security issues, requirements, and alternatives.

I learned something useful from my every encounter with Mr. Willson. I recommend him highly for any position that involves planning, analysis, implementation, and/or management of IT security services.”

  • Catherine Kozlowski, Operations Director, SSDS, Inc., Fairfax, VA

“Nigel is very good technically and a very quick (and thorough) study, with the enviable ability to synthesize over a wide breadth of technical understanding. He deliberately sought a position outside of his most advanced skill set, security, to broaden his reputation and freshen his skills, which is a very courageous thing to do. He has shown great willingness to tackle difficult and challenging tasks.”

  • Harshad Desai, Manager, Bull HN, Phoenix, AZ

“Nige’s performance can be continually counted in his professionalism to produce quality software, be aware of customer needs, keeping aware of new company policies/procedures, and to promote system security. Nige’s performance represents the backbone of the organization’s success.”

  • Joan Russell, Program Manager, Honeywell Federal Systems, Inc., McLean, VA

“I highly recommend Nigel Willson for employment with your company. I have worked very closely with Nigel for several years. His valuable technical expertise and personal qualities have made him an outstanding contributor to our organization.”


3 Responses to About

  1. Bill Ross says:

    Nigel. First, thank you for your awesome blog. Second, where do you find the time to create all this great stuff? Third, how can I post to Your blog? In August, I wrote a rant on the lack of an industry standard for what a security architect is and I posted the fact I wrote it on two LinkedIn discussion groups and have received almost 350 requests for same. I email the paper to them. Some have asked for me to post it on a blog somewhere. I also have a paper concerning secure development. Fourth, how can I use your data on the site in my writings and briefings?

  2. Edward the hologram man says:

    Hi Nigel, how can we contact you directly about a project? Please advise, thanks, Best Regards, Edward the hologram man (on LinkedIn) Please reply directly through LinkedIn, Thanks.

  3. Kalpesh Sheth says:

    Nice blog and useful content. I am the co-founder of a startup and would love to chat.

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