Introducing Nigel Willson

Who is Nige the Security Guy?

Nigel Willson offers more than 25 years of international, diverse and, broad experience gained in providing Cyber IT security strategy and thought leadership to Fortune 50 companies.

As Chief Security Architect, Nigel assists organizations and startups to baseline, design, select, implement, operate and manage — security processes, technology, and solutions creating a “trusted operations environment” that assures the security of valuable data and prevents “integrity drift.”

Nigel can help re-architect, refresh and engineer systems toward much needed convergence, consolidation, integration, and automation – making enterprises more agile and competitive. He is available as a Trusted Security Services Partner, a virtual member and extension of your security team on retainer, choose as many hours per month as desired.

He has developed proven and successful methodology and best practices, such as:

  • Secure Data Center Immune System
  • Application & System Zoning Strategy
  • Application Architecture Taxonomy (Risk-Based)
  • Security Process Maturity Model
  • Adaptive Security Architecture Lifecycle

“Developing a business-driven Adaptive Secure Architecture Lifecycle (ASAL) is essential for success in the Digital economy,” said Nigel Willson. “If your infrastructure does not flexibly support new business directions, address new opportunities and, leverage mergers and acquisitions your organization will be adversely limited in its basic ability to grow with agility and compete successfully.”Security-Industry-Acquisitions

Organizations are increasingly consumers and providers of services across various insourced, co-sourced and, managed platforms. A holistic secure ‘plug-and-play’ architecture becomes the competitive differentiator. It should seamlessly integrate and extend the enterprise across communities of interest, managed service providers, cloud services, partners, customers, and exchanges.

Today enterprise infrastructure is becoming too complex and divergent, it must simplify and converge towards a modular and flexible business-driven architecture goal.

Nige the Security Guy will offer followers and readers Cyber Security strategy insights and ideas for today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your interest.


Welcome Blog

Welcome to Nige the Security Guy Blog.

The objective for this Blog is to bring together a virtual community of like-minded experts to discuss, debate and, share cyber security observations and practical best-practices from the trenches – towards improving infrastructure security to our mutual benefit.

Security done right is a business enabler that dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) providing a tangible Return on Security Investment (ROSI).

IT complexity and fragmentation replaced by an adaptive modular and flexible architecture enables agility and improves your competitive edge — so the business can refocus quickly as new opportunities emerge.

Security is a process, not just a product or technology issue.

The Blog will cover a diverse set of practical topics that seek to consolidate, integrate, organize, and automate infrastructure into a single security model and a holistic security management system. The planned topics are, as follows:

  • Observations from a Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker)
  • Pre-Production and Periodic Security Validation Testing
  • Remedation Strategy and Vulnerability Management
  • How to Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Firewalls and Firewall Rule Lifecycle Management Best-Practices
  • Tips and Tricks Towards Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, ISO, …)
  • Focusing on Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Adaptive Security Architecture, Architecture Lifecycle and Strategy
  • Benchmark: Baseline – Snapshot – Scorecard – Roadmap – Refresh

Please feel free to contribute, suggest topics as well as – Ask NigeSecurityGuy. Together we can make this a useful resource of ideas, lessons learned and, advice.