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We are offering our followers and readers the opportunity to pose any security and privacy related questions on any topic or discipline. We will either provide an independent and objective answer directly, seek a response from our team of like-minded security veteran experts or, provide guidance on where to look or ask. Seek validation or just another opinion.

The questions or advice can be sought by either posting them to this Blog or simply Tweet them to @NigeSecurityGuy from anywhere anytime at your convenience. Topical or popular questions will be selected to use in the various blog series and expand upon in more detail. Please feel free to also request blog topics.

Ask Nige

The FUD and Hype Factors

How do organizations cut through the hype, filter the noise … of fear, uncertainty and, doubt (FUD) and deal with real and present threats? How do organizations develop an affordable defensible security posture that supports the business based on core competencies, risk tolerance, stakes and – enables it to grow competitively while managing threats and protecting critical assets? How do organizations develop a continuous cycle to consolidate, integrate and organize mission critical infrastructure into a sustainable core while still enabling some healthy chaos and innovation on the edge?

Ask an Expert

Experts on Retainer

Organizations who may lack security expert or SME resources or want to augment the security team with some additional expertise or cycles may want a more formal arrangement – to subscribe to a block of hours per month, or per quarter to use in increments as needed … an expert on retainer. The subscription includes an assigned expert but also enables the organization to tap into a virtual pool of SMEs on a multitude of topics. Experts on retainer can be used, for example:

  • Trusted Advisor to Guide
  • Tele-Briefings and Training
  • Virtual Project Team Member
  • Project Plan/Design Validation
  • Independent Research
  • RFI/RFP Development
  • Product Selection & Scorecards
  • Training Workshops
  • and so on

Our proven methodology and experience across insourced, co-sourced and, cloud/managed services enables organizations to holistically craft an adaptive architecture, reduce complexity, enable agility and, empower the business:

  • Realize a tangible Return on Security Investment (RoSI)
  • Increase productivity and application deployment
  • Augment staffing with virtual resources
  • Demonstrate a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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