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The objective for this Blog is to bring together a virtual community of like-minded security practitioners to discuss, debate and, share cyber security observations and practical best-practices from the trenches – towards improving infrastructure security to our mutual benefit.

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NigeSecurityGuy blog is inviting articles and topics from like-minded security contributors who are either just getting started and bring a fresh new perspective up to veteran experts. If you either want to become a guest contributor and/or partner in the blog, do not want to operate your own blog or, just have a one-off topic, idea or experience that you want to share. As Margaret Mead once said:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Sharing and Reciprocity

Collaboration and sharing is a sophisticated skill that asks people who work together to look beyond personal interests towards outcomes benefiting the whole. Collaboration and sharing is a great way to address complex challenges, since it has the potential to tap communal creativity and unleash true innovation and earn genuine buy-in.

TeamworkCollaboration, at the conceptual level, involves:

  • Awareness – We become part of a working entity with a shared purpose
  • Motivation – We drive to gain consensus in problem solving or development
  • Participation – We participate in collaboration and we expect others to participate
  • Mediation – We negotiate and we collaborate together and find a middle point
  • Reciprocity – We share and we expect sharing in return through reciprocity
  • Reflection – We think and we consider alternatives
  • Engagement – We proactively engage rather than wait and see

Together we can build a safe and more secure environment. A car with good brakes and integrated systems can drive a lot faster, likewise a business with good security and integrated systems can develop with agility.

“Training often gives people solutions to problems already solved. Collaboration addresses challenges no one has overcome before.”
― Marcia Conner

Rules and Submission

If you are interested in submitting an article or becoming a Blog Partner and regular contributor then simply complete the contact form below and get in touch. All articles will be reviewed before publication to ensure that they are consistent with the mission and goal of this blog, as stated above. If there are any concerns and/or proposed corrections then the author will be contacted and feedback offered before publication. All credit and kudos will be provided to the author who will be recognized as a Guest Blogger or Partner Blogger depending upon regularity.

This post will be a living document and will be updated if and when clarification or additional information is needed.

Thanks for your interest!

Nige the Security Guy.